Anita Quansah London

Anita Quansah is UK based jewelry designer. Her pieces are strong statements, which are a fusion of modern bohemian tribal mixed with her cultural background which is Africa.

Photos are taken by Ms Sylvia Holden. Here is a little part of an interview with her where she talk about this specific shoot.

Let's talk about this shoot. What was the inspiration?

This shoot was really inspired by Anita Quansah's neck-pieces. I wanted to feature her work but still have the shoot feel very stylized. Not just a girl in a necklace with pretty hair. I wanted her skin to be translucent as if it could disappear into the backdrop, and also to exaggerate the neck-pieces against her translucence. I wanted the look to conjure Marie Antoinette but not be relevant to only that period. The alternative use of materials really helps achieve that effect. The use of Saran Wrap and Erica Carr our hair and makeup artist and homemade wigs with felt and poly fill are unique and not-period specific. It's these materials that bring this story into the present.

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