Phoebe Rudomino

Phoebe Rudomino is a commercial diver and underwater photographer based at the Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios, the only facility of its kind in the world. She specialises in behind-the-scenes underwater stills and video for feature films, TV and commercials. 
I chose the most feminine picture to show you but she has done a lot of work with athletes and plenty of other known people.

Keira Knightley

Usually seen reporting from movie premiers for her monthly CNN film programme, The Screening Room, the singer-turned-presenter spent all day in a water tank at Pinewood Studios because she wanted to see how underwater scenes were filmed. Wearing a dress worthy of the red carpet, the 30-year-old mother was monitored by a stunt team and diving instructor who last worked with Angelina Jolie. Miss Klass said: "I found the stunt a lot more exhausting and physical than I expected it to be. I was wearing three weight belts to keep me on the sea bed and I had to keep equalising, yet try and look gentile. "My dress kept floating up over my head, my hair kept getting in my mouth and my eyes went red in the water. Being underwater was emotionally really liberating though.
Myleene Klass 

This photograph was taken during a shoot for a commercial and was part of 'Water on the Lens', an exhibition of underwater set photographs taken at Pinewood which took place at County Hall on London’s Southbank in 2009.

Still from a advertisement for The Quays shopping center

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